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If you are interested in purchasing any of the publications written by Alan Watts you can do so by clicking on the links below. The books listed should be available as e-books, traditional paperbacks, or as audio books.

The Way Of Zen


The Way of Zen is a great introduction into the eastern philosophy of Zen Buddhism. The book begins by describing how the philosophy came about, taking it’s main principles from traditional Buddhism and Taoism, then going on to show how the philosophy was practiced. In the western world, Zen is often viewed as being shrouded in mystery, and is very poorly understood in general. This book removes the fog and presents the principles and disciplines of Zen Buddhism in a clear and concise manner. For the beginner, there is no better book on the subject.

The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are


In what is probably the most popular book that he ever wrote, Alan Watts explores the question of who we really are, and why the nature of the true self is not an easy thing for society to accept. He writes in great detail about the idea that we are all the same thing, that we are all fragments of the same suchness, and explains how this realization will embolden us. I mean, who wouldn’t feel empowered by the idea that they are the divine that humanity so desperately seeks? The problem is that society sees such points of view as arrogant and almost blasphemous, even to those who embrace no theism. He suggests that if we, as a collective, can overcome this taboo then maybe we can become better stewards to this beautiful planet.

Become What You are


In this book, Watts demonstrates his talent at breaking down the ideas presented in eastern philosophy, in ways that a western audience can easily digest and understand. He speaks of many different religious practices and traditions, and explains the challenges of living fully in the present, as Zen Buddhism teaches that we should. Watts also discusses how language can limited our understanding of reality, due to it’s often constricting nature. A great book for those wishing to better understand their true nature.

In My Own Way: An Autobiography


“In My Own Way” is the renowned autobiography of the late Alan Watts. This books follows Alan’s spiritual and philosophical evolution from a young child, born of religious conservatives in rural England, to an inspiring teacher of the spiritual, who challenged Westerners to defy the conventional paradigm and think for themselves. The book wonderfully combines Watts own brand of unconventional philosophy, and often hilarious accounts of gurus, celebrities, psychedelic drug experiences, and wry observations of Western culture. All in all, the book serves as a thorough, and entertaining, account of the life of Alan Watts.